Coco Gerbera Discs are made from high quality compressed Coco Chips that have been specially treated to give an excellent result in Gerbera cultivation. Coco Gerbera disks are also an excellent substrate for a variety of potted plants Ideal for home and commercial hydroponics. Each Coco chips disk fills a five-liter pot when re-hydrated.  Size, Packaging, Quality can be customizable in according to customer request.

Sizes could be manufactured according to the specifications of the client to suit their growing needs. Any given specifications with various packing modes can be adapted.
Gerbera Disks are available as mixtures of Husk Chips with Coco Peat as well as different blends of Coco Peat.
EC can be tailor made (Per customer request) as treated with Calcium nitrate, washed or unwashed.

All MassCoco products are environmental friendly and 100% biodegradable. Our substrates are constantly checked to verify pH and EC levels ensuring the highest quality to our customers.