Coir weed mats are natural mats designed to eliminate harmful weeds which affect the growth of the plants. Coco coir weed mats are made of organic coco coir fiber woven into sheets and bonded using Rubber plant latex.  These Coco coir mats laid as top covers of pot. Coco coir weed mats are easy to dispose or recycle.

  • 100 % Biodegradable
  • It does not obstruct irrigation and rainfall.
  • It does not prevent soil ventilation.
  • Coco coir weed mats are brown in color and joins with the environment, can assume other colors by use of colored oxides.
  • Coco coir weed mats are made using only natural coco fibers, it does not contains chemicals and do not pollute the environment.

All MassCoco products are environmental friendly and made with constant quality inspection to give our customers the best products.