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Our uncompromising commitment to quality standards at every stage of processing, packaging and transportation has helped us to achieve a growing list of satisfied customers around the world.

MassCoco Lanka is at the forefront of innovation in the sustainable research, development, manufacture and technical sales of Coco substrates (coco peat, chips and fiber) products for use by professional horticultural growers as a high performing, high yielding and sustainable alternative growing media to stone wool and peat moss substrates.

Our products are organic, completely natural and 100% recyclable.

Our factories located in Dankotuwa and Madampella, Sri Lanka are close to some of the largest raw material sources facilities in the country, where coco fiber and coco pith are selected and separated so we always have a consistent supply of coco’s raw material. Once the raw material reaches our processing plant, it is thoroughly washed and then buffered, before being dried in natural sunlight. We compress all our products before shipping so that they are low in weight, easy to handle and have a low carbon footprint. This gives us the guarantees that we are in an ideal position to offer a consistent supply to our customers.

We work on the ground with growers in 26 markets and have a reputation for providing Unbeatable Quality and Unmatchable Prices as we control every aspect of our supply chain even after delivery to your door with technical support.

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