Coir pots are made of coir fiber and molded with an organic rubber latex compound. These coco coir pots are made from 100% organic materials. Coir pots will maintain their shape for up to six months while plants are growing.

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COCO Slabs

MassCoco Grow bags are made using high quality coir fiber, coir pith and coco chips. The blends we provide extend completely inside the grow bags adequately responding to the demands of a wide variety of vegetables and flowers.
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Coco Discs

Coco Disc is an easy to use grow-substrate that can be used in pots. Coco disks reduce the cost of labor in the pot filling in larger plantations. Widely used as a growing medium for plant since the initial stages of seeding or planting.

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Coco Grow Pots

Coco Filled Bags are an ideal solution especially for fruit grown plants. The mixture of coco material can be tailor-made, adding coconut or other nutrients to enhance growth.

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Our products are organic, completely natural and 100% recyclable.

MassCoco Lanka is at the forefront of innovation in the sustainable research, development, manufacturing and sales of Coco substrates such as coco peat, chips and coco fiber products. MassCoco Lanka products are used by the professional horticultural growers as a high performing, high yielding and sustainable alternative growing media to stone wool and peat moss substrates. Our products are peat free and 100% natural.

We work on the ground with growers in more than 26 markets and have a reputation for providing Unbeatable Quality and Unmatchable Prices.

Our best-selling products are: Coco grow bags/coco slabs, coco pots, coco disks, coir weed mats
and coir pots.
We have the state of the art manufacturing plants at Dankotuwa & Madampella, Sri Lanka which are equipped with hi-tech machinery, blending facility, quality-control test labs & automated filling & packaging stations.

We are committed to providing THE BEST QUALITY, THE BEST VALUE and THE BEST SERVICE.

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